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The Second Phase:    First Revelation regarding the Preaching

Oleh: Muhammad Mu'een

   "And warn your tribe (O Muhammad SAW) of near kindred." [26:214].
   Calling the Closest Kinspeople:
   In obedience to Allâhís Commands, Muhammad SAW rallied his kinsmen of Bani
   Hashim with a group of Bani Al-Muttalib bin ĎAbd Munaf. The audience counted
   forty-five men.   Abu Lahab immediately took the initiative and addressed the Prophet:

   "These are your uncles and cousins, speak on to the point, but first of all you have got
   to know that your kinspeople are not in a position to withstand all the A-rabs. Another
   point you have got to bear in mind is that your relatives are sufficient unto you. If you
   follow their tradition, it will be easier for them than to face the other clans of Qur-aish
   supported by the other A-rabs. Verily, I have never heard of anyone who has incurred
   more harm on his kinspeople than you."
  The Messenger of Allâh SAW kept silent and said nothing in that meeting.  He invited
  them to another meeting and managed to secure audience.  He then stood up and
  delivered a short speech explaining quite cogently what was at stake.
  He said: "I celebrate Allâhís praise, I seek His help, I believe in Him, I put my trust in Him,
  I bear witness that there is no god to be worshipped but Allâh with no associate. A guide
  can never lie to his people. I swear by Allâh, there is no god but He, that I have been sent
  as a Messenger to you, in particular and to all the people, in general.  I swear by Allâh you
  will die just as you sleep, you will be resurrected just as you wake up. You will be called to
  account for your deeds. It is then either Hell forever or the Garden (Paradise) forever."
  Abu Talib replied: "We love to help you, accept your advice and believe in your words.
  These are your kinspeople whom you have collected and I am one of them but I am the
  fastest to do what you like. Do what you have been ordered. I shall protect and defend you,
  but I canít quit the religion of ĎAbdul-Muttalib."
  Abu Lahab then said to Abu Talib: " I swear by Allâh that this is a bad thing. You must stop
  him before the others do."
  Abu Talib, however, answered: "I swear by Allâh to protect him as long as I am alive."
   to be continued....