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SABTU   Oktober 17  1998

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          The unity of Allah is such that there is no reality and no true and 
          permanent existence except His. Moreover, every other being acquires what
          ever power it possessed from the effective power of Allah which rules over 
          this world. Nothing else whatsoever plans anything for the world nor 
          decides, for that matter, anything in it. 
          This is the belief that should be entrenched in us. It is a full 
          explanation of human existence. Once this belief has become clear and that 
          explanation has established itself in the human mind, the heart is 
          purified of all falsities and impurities and it is released from all ties 
          except those of the one and unique Being who alone possesses the reality 
          of being and who is the only effective power in this world. The human heart 
          is then released from bondage to anything in this world, if not from 
          attributing existence to anything else altogether. Indeed, why should men's 
          hearts aspire to something that has no permanent reality nor has any 
          independent power to function in this world, since the real being is that 
          of the Divine Being and the truly effective power is the Divine Will?

          When the human heart releases itself from believing in anything but the one 
          Truth, the Truth of Allah, and upholds this everlasting Truth, it liberates 
          itself from all shackles, false ideas, evil desires, fear of earthly powers 
          and from the confusions that mislead in this life. 
          For when the human heart finds Allah, it benefits and loses nothing. So why 
          should it desire anything but the pleasure of Allah? And why should it fear 
          anything, since there is no absolutely effective power but that of Allah?

          When a conception that sees nothing in the world but the reality of Allah 
          establishes itself in the human mind and heart, it is accompanied by the 
          vision of this genuine, permanent reality in every other being that has 
          sprung from it. This is the stage at which the heart feels the hand of 
          Allah in everything and beyond which it feels nothing but Allah in the 
          whole universe. There would be no other reality to be felt.

                                                      (quoted from Fi Zilal el-Quran)