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by Katib Jahid
      Assalamu alaikum. Eid mubarak. May All.ah accept from me and you.

      Concerning Kos.ovo, we note the following:

      1. Kosovo muslims have been under repression for more than a year.
      Western media either ignored that or showed it as a response to
      KLA attacks, hiding the criminal planning by Milosevic and his 
      western backers.

      2. Current NA.TO attacks became a pretext for intensifying the 
      agression against the muslims.

      3. Whatever touches the muslims of Kosovo is part of Sunan Ilahiyya.
      It serves as a punishment for sins, a test to the beleivers and
      an awakening call so that they return to their Lord.

      4. It seems that this new U-S adventure has the following goals:
      a. Subjecting the area to U-S influence before the Russians
      regain their old power aspirations. This is similar to the war on
      Iraq which made the whole middle east a US satellite.  As in the
      middle east, the US has now troops in Bosnia and will have troops
      in Kosovo when the war settles and everybody is forced to submit.

      b. Regaining some of the trust of the Islamic world in the US 
      after losing it because of the US continuing agression against
      Iraq and its full support to Israel. This goal was stated in
      Clinton's justifications for this war.

      c. Making a new precedent for intervention in the internal affairs
      of the states. You notice the Iraq war created many terms which
      bacame now familiar and acceptable. These terms are now used when
      dealing with Yugoslavia and Milosevic.  This new adventure will be
      a precedent for future adventures against muslim lands.

      d. Possibly, this war is expanded to engulf all Europe and evolve
      into a World War III  with the muslim world and some super powers
      on one side and the rest of the world on another side.  Such a war 
      and the tragedies it will bring will be a big justification for a
      new world order and an international government.  The best course
      for the muslim countries in such a situation is to stay neutral
      and resist the push to drag it in the war under the justification
      of supporting other muslim states.  Such a war if it comes will
      be very destructive and no body will win in it.

      These are brief comments.  Wassalamu alaikum.