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The Real Travesty

by Shah Riman
         Our hearts and dua' should definately be with those Muslims
         that are suffering around the world.  But the real travesty
         is not the actual suffering, but the secularization that has
         brought about this suffering on them.  It should be very clear
         in every Muslims mind that all this suffering is brought upon
         them by Allah, and nothing else.
         Like our Prophet (peace be upon him) has taught us......If all 
         the world were to come together with all its resources to do 
         good for a person, it will not do it unless Allah wills it. 
         And if all the world and all its resources were to get together 
         to commit harm on a person, it will not happen except if Allah 
         wills it.  When a muslim society commits sins, it is a horrible
         thing.  And in doing so, it risks the wrath of God on it.  But 
         when a muslim society no longer feels it necassary to even 
         establish in its society key elements that would signify its
         Islam.  Or when it blatantly scoffs at Allahs revealed laws
         and traditions.  Then you are dealing with a society that 
         demands Gods punishment.  

         When Ghengis Khan came into Baghdad and began his notorious
         raid on the city, he said to the people that he was Gods pu-
         nishment on them.  Granted he probably said it in a manner of
         arrogance and intimidation.  But the irony was that his words
         were true.  He really was Gods punishment to the people of 
         Baghdad, who had so grossly corrupted themselves that their 
         society could hardly have been even recognized as Islamic. 
         And it was a horrible punishment.  

         Right now the Muslim Ummah is experiencing a great crisis in
         Kosovo.   Our first duty is to try and help our brothers and 
         sisters as much as we can, and of course to make dua' for them
         all.  But it is important to realize that Allah is doing this
         to them for a reason.  Part of that reason may be to test the
         rest of the world and see who actually does something about it 
         and who doesnt.  But there can be no doubt that another reason 
         is to punish them for transgressions against his faith and his
         What other part of the Muslim Ummah is next?  Not much of the
         Muslim world is any better then what Bosnia, Kosovo or Iraq were.  
         May Allah protect us from transgressions that lead to his wrath. 
         And may Allah guide and protect those suffering in Kosovo.

         From Imam Malik's Muwatta,

         "Allah guarantees either the Garden or a safe return to his
          home with whatever he has obtained of reward or booty, for
          the one who does jihad in His way, if it is solely jhd and 
          trust in his promise that brings him out of his house."