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Department of Polymer Technology, Faculty of Applied Science, UiTM.

This is an unofficial web site for the DEPARTMENT OF POLYMER TECHNOLOGY, Faculty of Applied Science, UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA. Subscription to POLYMER ACADEMIA, our email group communication, from those of other academic or research institutions as well as from related industries are welcome.
An unofficial web site for the Department of Polymer Tecnology, UiTM. Last updated 07 August 2000.

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The Staff...
 Academic Staff
 Laboratory Assistants
 Technician & Boilerman
Courses Offered...
 Dip. in Polymer Technology.
 BSc(Hons.) Polymer Technology
 Polymer Resource Group
Current Projects...
 Research Projects
 Non-Research Projects
 Student Projects
The Facilities...
 Polymer Processing Workshop
 Polymer Testing Laboratory
 Powder Moulding Workshop
 Polymer Analysis Laboratory
 Material Laboratory
...and forFrom your dedicated lecturers.. our students..